This week in Ibiza

Hi friends, here you have some news for this week in Ibiza…

Tomorrow (Thursday)

Bubbles: Deep House world present: A night with Dj Pippi and Mariano Somoza, from 23,30…till….

Picaro : a special night with guest Dj Gee Van D…buffet from 20,00


Pacha presents: Ibiza Talents…with Toni MorenoNeverdogs and Luca Serra 

Shardana and Oscar Casu presents

“Sorry nice people only” buffet and atmosphere… with Bones and Grayson Shipley


Morning day: Delano Beach presents “Fat stinky is back again”, from 13.00 with Dj Miss Luna and Q Derhino

Pacha Hotel.…House Vibes Session, with the music of Joan Ribas and Phil Pharst, from 22,30

The event: Lovin’Ibiza festival…with Tuccillo, Uner and Michel you’ll finde the complete program

Pacha presents: Mainroom, by Sarah main and Christian Velardi, plus many guests….


A Night at Bubbles with… Punk Panthers

Here is the program….


Rewind presents: After tea party, at Clodenis, from 5 p.m…..with the sound of Miguel Garji and Stefano geminis…Guests Paola Poletto & Francesco Allendes, with music, performance and more

I hope that you will have have a lot of fun!

AAAh i forgot…save the date..just came out today…..the 9th of june official opening at Amnesia…here is the program…

Stefano Massa

p.s. next week for technical problem we could have problems to publish in this site…anyway follow us also on our fan page on facebook.

Here is the link:

p.s.2 tomorrow morning another poster for upcoming events….

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